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Scream and Scream Again (1970)

Scream and Scream Again is a 1970 British horror film directed by Gordon Hessler and starring Christopher Lee, Vincent Price and Peter Cushing. It is based on the novel The Disorientated Man by Peter Saxon. A runner has a heart attack while on his daily jog and blacks out. He awakes in what looks like a hospital bed. Disorientated, the runner wakes up covered in sweat. A nurse tends to him and puts a pipe in his mouth. He pulls it out and notices that something is wrong. He pulls his hands out but feels that something is amiss. He then pulls back the covers to reveal that one of his legs is missing. He screams and blacks out again. When he awakes the second time he now discovers that both of his legs are gone. Again he screams hysterically. When he awakes a third time he cannot move a muscle. A killer who has a literal thirst for blood is prowling the nightclubs for fresh young victims. The police decide to set a trap to catch this man. A young policewoman poses as his new victim while wearing a wire. The killer meets the young policewoman and takes her with him to a secluded spot where he proceeds to drink her blood. The police catch him but after a fight, the killer makes his escape and drives off with the police in hot pursuit. They catch him on a rocky cliff and cuff him to the bumper of a police car. While the police are talking, the killer makes his escape by tearing off his own hand. He runs away, again with the police in hot pursuit, to a barn where he jumps into some yellow-coloured liquid. A policeman puts his hand into the yellow fluid and quickly pulls in back out in pain. The yellow water, it turns out, is acid. The acid belongs to a doctor who says he is conducting germ experiments for cancer research. Certain members of the police don't believe the doctor's story and probe into the life of this doctor. When the police are told to leave the doctor alone, a young morgue attendant probes further and finds out much more than he bargained for. This was one of three films star Vincent Price and director Gordon Hessler worked on together, along withCry of the Bansheeand The Oblong Box: films like these promoted the American International (AIP) line of films and Price together, and he would do more films with them into the seventies. After he made this film, Price later said in an interview that he did not quite understand the film or the story told. While the original book had aliens doing murder in Britain, the film had the murders committed by a neo-Communist group. It would lead to mixed responses from viewers over the years. The theme song for the film was by Amen Corner, who appeared in the film singing it.This was one of their last appearances before Andy Fairweather-Lowdeparted for a solo career after a brief career as Fair Weather
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95 MIN

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