Saturday, February 19, 2011

Return of the Fly (1959)

Return of the Fly is the first sequel to the 1958 horror film The Fly. It was released in 1959, and directed by Edward Bernds. Unlike the preceding film, Return of the Fly was shot in black and white. The film was followed by another sequel in 1965, Curse of the Phillipe Delambre is determined to vindicate his father by successfully completing the experiment. His uncle Francois (Vincent Price) refuses to help. Phillipe hires Alan Hines from Delambre Frere and uses his own finances. The funds run out before the equipment's complete. When Phillipe threatens to sell his half of Delambre Frere, Francois relents and funds the completion. After some adjustments, they use the transporter to "store" and later rematerialize test animals. Alan Hines turns out to be Ronald Holmes, an industrial spy. Ronnie tries to sell the secrets to a shadowy cohort named Max. Before Ronnie can get away with the papers, a British agent confronts him. Ronnie knocks him out and uses the transporter to "store" the body. When rematerialized, the agent has the paws of a guinea pig that had been disintegrated earlier, and the guinea pig has human hands. Ronnie kills the rodent and puts the dead agent in his car, which he sends into the Saint Lawrence River. Phillipe confronts Ronnie about all the oddities, with a fight ensuing and Phillipe being knocked out. Ronnie hides Phillipe the same way he did the agent, but in a twist of malice he catches a fly and adds it to the transporter with him. Francois rematerializes Phillipe, but with a fly head, arm and leg while the fly has his head arm and leg, becoming "PhillipeFly". PhillipeFly runs into the night, tracking down and killing Max. He waits for Ronnie to arrive and kills him, too. PhillipeFly returns home, where Inspector Beecham has found and captured the PhillipeFly. Both are placed in the device together and successfully reintegrated.
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80 MIN

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