Sunday, June 26, 2011

Narcotics : Pit of Dispair (1967)

Narcotics : Pit of Despair was a 1967 educational film written and directed by Mel Marshall it depicts in a very heavy handed way the dangers of drug use, and one puff of pot can lead you down the road to insanity and death. The film stars a very young Kevin Tighe about five years before landing the roll of John Gage on the hit NBC television program Emergency.

 John, a clean-cut high school senior, is targeted by Pete, a low-life drug dealer, as his next victim. Inviting John to a party, Pete introduces him to big-breasted Helen. Told to "blast off for Kicksville" by smoking a joint, John proceeds to do just that. He is immediately turned into a marijuana addict, and shortly thereafter starts shooting up heroin. I have screened this film many times over the years at my many programs of educational films that I have done.


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  1. Interesting blog, I found it when googling for photos of Kevin Tighe. I would just like to point out an error, Kevin was Roy DeSoto on Emergency, Randolph Mantooth played John Gage.