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Land of the Giants : Genius at Work (1968)

Land of the Giants was an hour-long American science fiction television program lasting two seasons beginning on September 22, 1968 and ending on March 22, 1970. The show was created and produced by Irwin Allen. Land of the Giants was the fourth of Allen's science fiction TV series. The show was aired on ABCand released by 20th Century Fox Television. The series was filmed entirely in color and ran for 51 episodes. The show starred Gary Conwayand Don Marshall

Set in the then-future year of 1983, the series tells the tale of the crew and passengers of a sub-orbital transport spaceship called the Spindrift. In the pilot episode, the Spindrift is en route from Los Angeles to London via the ultra-fast route of a parabolic trajectory. Just beyond Earth's boundary with space, the Spindrift encounters a strange space storm and is transported to a mysterious planet where everything is twelve times larger than its counterpart on Earth. The Spindrift crew calls the inhabitants "the giants". Given relative proportions shown on the show, the giants are about 72 feet tall (similar to Gulliver's situation in the second part of "Gulliver's Travels", when he is in the land of Brobdingnag). Everything on their planet is built to their scale — buildings, cars, animals, etc. The Spindrift crashes on this planet and becomes inoperable. These giants are humanoid in form, and though their society resembles in some respects that of 1960's United States of America, their government is totalitarian. However few precise details are given and no governmental symbols are ever seen. The giant government has offered a reward for the capture of the tiny Earth people, presumably because of the Earth's superior technology. Episodes often have the plot of giants capturing one of the passengers or crew with the rest having to rescue him or her. The Earth people avoid capture most of the time because their spaceship is hidden in a forest outside the city. They also occasionally form alliances with individual giants to achieve some commonly beneficial purpose.

Land of the Giants : Genius at Work : Episode 21 1968

Barry and Fitzhugh befriend a 12-year old scientific genius named Jodar (Jody) who has invented a substance which causes growth. While talking to the boy, Barry's dog Chipper eats some of the formula and grows to gigantic size. After seeing this, Fitzhugh decides to eat some with the idea that he will no longer have to worry about being hunted down. However, he is mistaken for a giant who was accused of nearly killing a boy. Also, Fitz is found with some of the money he stole back on Earth he is taken to SID headquarters for questioning. When Steve finds out, he goes to Jody and takes some of the formula as part of a plan to get Fitzhugh out of jail and to try to find the man who Fitz was mistaken for. Written by Brian Washington


55 MIN


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