Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ulcer at Work (1957)

Steve Hall, an executive at his firm, is having trouble with his work and home life relationships because he has a horrible pain in his side. Steve's boss forces him to go see a doctor who diagnoses him with an ulcer. Oddly enough the wife is partially blamed for causing the ulcer. Presented by the Oklahoma State Dept. of Health.
This moody film opens with a scene showing executive Steve Hall being driven to work by his wife, Ellen. Steves not in the driving seat in his marriage, so before he even reaches the office, we know hes a problematic character. At work, Steves a demanding sourpussthe ambitious type who makes his co-workers look bad. At home, Ellen and the kids dont exactly hate him. Hes just a cash register to them. Ellen is a compulsive shopper and the kids give Steve the cold shoulder if he doesnt bring them presents from his business trips. Its easy to see why his stomach is killing him. Doc Olmstead tells Steve his stomach is being eaten away by hydrochloric acid. Its all caused by the wrong kind of feelings. Despondent after his talk with the doctor, Steve wanders into a seedy bar and tries to drown his sorrows in whiskey. Later, he and Ellen have a fight and Steve passes out. The doc makes a house call to fix up Steve and sanctimoniously blames Ellen for Steves ulcer. He warns her that widows are a drug on the market, which was probably true in 1957, when this film was made. Theyre both in a precarious positionSteves health is frail and Ellens low status as a woman makes her socially expendable without a husband.

28 MIN
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