Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is Hormel (1965)

This is a 1965 industrial film produced by Hormel Foods in 1965. Kids! A word of advice for you... Don't you dare ask your dad to take you on a trip to the Hormel Plant! Otherwise, your dad will accompany you in a ridiculous bowler hat that looks straight from a halloween kit, while you watch pig carcasses get 'disassembled'!! Shoulders to the ham department! Fat to the gelatin department! Pigs feet to the.. pig's feet department! (They're a delicious delicacy!). Really loved the cow hide removal demo, yum. As many reviewers have pointed out, this film has the bubbliest chirpy music for a film about pig carcasses ever made. 

Bonus points for the cheap cheap title cards!

UNKNOWN (1965)
30 MIN

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