Sunday, February 26, 2012

Teenage Devil Dolls (1955)

Teenage Devil Dolls (aka One Way Ticket to Hell) is a 1955 American black and white teen crime drama film about a high school graduate whose life spirals out of control when she becomes addicted to heroin.

Pert and pretty high school teen Cassandra Leigh opts for the easy life of a pot-smoking biker in order to avoid the demands of her neurotic career mom. When Cassandra's grades slip and her college plans fall by the wayside, she marries a love-smitten high school swain. The devotion of her husband bores the young bride: she looks up her old thrill-seeking buddies and splits from home. It isn't long before she's peddling dope on the streets in order to finance her growing list of addictions. A young Mexican takes the wayward girl under his wing and makes her not only his partner-in-crime but his woman With the police on their heels, Cassandra and her lover are forced to ditch a stolen car in the desert and take refuge in a shallow cave. With the posse closing in, the Mexican abandons Cassandra and the deputies nab the semi-conscious heroine. The court sends Cassandra to a Federal Narcotics Hospital.

58 MIN

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