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Motorcycle Gang (1957)

Motorcycle Gang is a 1957 exploitation film directed by Edward L. Cahn and produced by American International Pictures.

A motorcycle gang runs wild through the countryside roads. They run from the patrol officers. One girl who is not with them, Theresa "Terry" Lindsay (Anne Neyland) has got a small accident and bites the dust although is left unharmed. Randy (Steve Tyrrel), the leader of the gang, tries to flirt with her, but she's tough. Terry says that she lives with her uncle Ed (Raymond Hatton) while her parents travel through Europe. Her uncle is conservative and doesn't like her to be a bike girl. Randy tells Terry that they can meet at the Blue Moon Café. Marilyn (Jean Moorhead) and Speed (Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer) hide with them. Marilyn, who is another bike girl, dislikes Terry because she likes Randy, whose eyes are set only on Terry. There, the quiet meeting begins. Randy is designing something so that his bike runs faster. Nick Rogers (John Ashley) reappears after having spent 15 months in jail. Nick wants to cause trouble. Boston-born chef Cyrus Quincy Wong (Aki Aleong) is quite friendly to Randy and his gang, as they usually cause no trouble, but he rejects Nick, as he knows for sure he's a troublemaker. Nick dislikes the new status quo: the Blue Moon café is being supervised by the local sheriff, Lt. Joe Watson (Russ Bender). The club includes a collecting of fees, to have quiet quickstep dances, and everything is very controlled. There is a programmed preliminary race which will allow the winner to run in the county race. There are many rules: for example, contestants to the race cannot have even a parcking fine on them. Nick oposes the new way strongly. He likes being wild and chased by the police. Terry and Randy leave the café to talk outside. He wants to win the race so as to become a champion and earn a good living out of it. He needs his good behaviour so that Joe will let him participate in the race. Terry prefers living "the vida loca" while she's still young and says so to Randy; for example, she prefers to go out with Nick than with Terry. She taunts Randy with that. Randy says that Nick won't kill him on a dark cul-de-sac because he's always preferred make a show of each competition. Nick and Terry go everywhere together. He tries to have sex with her, but she says that she's single and free, never allowing him to get too close to her. Uncle Ned approves of her prude behaviour. Nick is extremely jealous of Randy. Marilyn taunts Randy before the race. Nick appears saying he only wants to run in the race and that he's not interested in trophies. Joe finally lets him run. Terry backs both Randy and Nick. She so strongly wants to remain neutral, although Randy tells her that there will come a moment when she'll have to choose one of them. Randy wins because Nick has fallen down. Terry wants to throw a party for Randy, the winner, at Ed's ranch. Nick insists in having another race, this unsupervised, with Randy. Randy rejects the idea and Nick says that the club has softened Randy. Finally, Terry convinces Randy to go to her party. Later that very same day, Terry says that she doesn't like it when Nick bullies Randy and he doesn't respond, so putting pressure onto Randy to respond. Uncle Ed is a nuisance at the party. He doesn't allow Randy and Terry to dance together and pulls out a gun to do so. Wong prepares the food while Ed complains about the loud music. Uncle Ed starts playing the banjo, violin or whatever and Wong follow-suits with a traditional-looking Chinese musical instrument. Later, Nick appears. Randy complains about that. Terry had prepared it all. She says that it's for Randy's good. Randy rejects Terry but compromises on running against Nick the following day. On the race, Randy says that he'll only run if nobody else apart from him and Nick runs, but when Nick calls him a coward, he accepts anyway. Speed is the first runner who falls down and quits.

The race is left unfinished, so they decide to make another kind of "tournament". Both Randy and Nick have to cross the railway bridge on their bikes. The one who does it faster, wins. Nick is the first. He crosses the bridge in 89 seconds, but his bike loses motoroil. Terry tries to tell him, but Nick prevents it. When Randy crosses that bridge, his bike slips and he falls down the bridge to the dry river below. He has to be taken to hospital, and Speed tells Terry that she's got what she's wanted from the beginning. Because of that incident, Randy is disquilified from the county race. Randy doesn't want to see Terry ever again. Nick visits Terry on her ranch at the night and tries to force Terry when she rejects him. Fortunately, Terry succeeds in pushing him away. Randy leaves the hospital, and is frustrated because he can't run the race or participate in the club. A blonde friend (Susanne Sidney) forces Terry to talk to Randy. They make amends. Randy is allowed into the club again because, according to everybody else, it was somebody else's fault -meaning Nick. Joe and Terry await the bikers who are running the county race at the Attville Café, where the manager (Edmund Cobb) and the waitress Mary (Phyllis Cole) are terrified of the bikers. Nick and two other bikers, Phil and Jack (Wayne Taylor and Eddie Kafafian) ask for licour. When the waiter rejects to give them some, the three of them attack Mary, the manager and a tall café customer (Zon Murray). One of the thugs goes out to pick a passer-by, an elderly woman (Felice Richmond). The three thugs are getting drunk, while Joe, Terry, Speed and Birdie are waiting for them. Speed turns the police radio on.

Mary tries to call the police while is supposedly fetching some more liquor. Joe hears the radio telling about the café robbery. Joe stops the race because he needs some people to help him. Randy wants to stay in the race, as he's winning, but in an afterthought, he goes to help Joe. A fight ensues. Joe arrests Nick and his biker thugs, and tells Mary, the married hostages and everybody that the criminals were not bikers, only motorized criminals. At the Blue Moon café, a party is thrown in Randy's honour. He himsels says "what a way to celebrate that I lost the race", but Terry tells him that he's gained everything. - by Krystel Claire

78 MIN

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