Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Lawless Years : The Nick Joseph Story (1959)

The Lawless Years is the first television crime drama set during the Roaring 20s, having predated ABC's far more successful The Untouchables with Robert Stack by six months. The 47-episode half-hour series aired nonconsecutively on NBC from April 16 to August 27, 1959, from October 1, 1959, to January 19, 1960, and, finally, from May 12 to September 22, 1961. It starred James Gregory as real-life NYPD Detective Barney Ruditsky, with Robert Karnes as Max, his associate. Ruditsky, who had become a private investigator in Hollywood after retiring from law enforcement, served as the show's technical advisor. Jack Chertok was the producer. From May 26 to June 23, 1961, The Lawless Years ran a five-part episode entitled "Louie K" with guest star Paul Richards in the role of Louis "Louie" Kassoff. John Dennis appeared as Dutch Schultz and John Vivyan as Lepke. Dennis also appeared in "The Dutch Schultz Story" on May 14, 1959.

Episode 01 The Nick Joseph Story
Detective Ruditsky relates the story of Nick Joseph, a small-time hood from Manhattan's Lower East Side, who rises from petty theft to become an ace contract killer for the syndicate's notorious Murder, Inc.

I thought this was a great and often over looked show, the sets, the cars, every thing about it was very well done. When the Untouchables premiered 6 months later stole the spot light from the Lawless Years and so the show was cancelled in the middle of the second season. I thought  The Lawless years was a far better program and should have stuck around for at least a few more seasons.

55 MIN
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