Friday, July 9, 2010

Don't Sport on my Passion (2010)

a strong love for creative expression runs through Davids veins. as a young child he excelled in artistic and athletic forms. all other activities fell to the way side however, after he discovered his love for skateboarding in his early 20s. a piece of art that he and his friends could enjoy and look back on is all he wanted out of his first film. he got much more. the feel good atmosphere and the flow of Don't Sport on my Passion(DSOMP) can be appreciated by all ages of skaters and nonskaters alike. the people in this film are simply doing what they love to do and would be doing anyway. this is a side of Seattle that many don't see or understand but for those in this movie skateboarding is a way of life. Hopefully DSOMP will put a smile on your face and you might get a taste of the obsessive madness and joy that a skateboarders life is full of.

34 MIN

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