Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to PSYCHOTRONIC 16

In addition to being a filmmaker all these years I have also been a film collector and exhibitor Over the years I have collected a large amount of 16 and 35mm film. My collecting mainly consists of trashy drive-in films, educational, industrial, exploitation, television shows and commercials . Over the years I also have put on a large amount film screenings around the Northwest mainly in Seattle. Some of the more popular events were Summer Movie Madness an out-door film show held on the back patio under the stars at the world famous Linda's Tavern . This screening ran one night a week during the summer months for 12 years and became extremely popular. I was also the co-founder of the now defunct Seattle Underground Film Festival. After my long residency at Linda's ended I had no place to screen all of my wonderful film prints from my collection, I felt I was too busy making films and teaching workshops to put very much time into setting up another film program like the one at Linda's. For a while I put some of the shorter films up on You Tube and started my own channel and people seemed to like it but I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the restrictions on content and time limits that YouTube imposed on me , not to mention they have a horrible compression format. They would eventually shut my channel down and delete my account. Then something wonderful happened I discovered how much disc space I had on the server that host's my website I thought it would be nice to use up some of that space and make some of these films available for you to watch in streaming video for free. I know that the only true way to really see these films is projected onto a screen. I just thought it would be fun to do.


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