Saturday, October 29, 2011

Too Much Too Often :Trailer (1968)

Too Much, Too Often, is a 1968 sexploitation film writen and directed by Doris Wishman

Take a deep breath, meditate for a few moments to cleanse the mind, make sure there are no sharp objects in the room, strap on a seat belt, and carefully enter the world of Too Much Too Often, yet another slice of unintentional surrealism from The First Lady of Sexploitation, director/producer DORIS WISHMAN (here billed under the name of her then-husband, Louis Silverman). But beware: your mind may never be the same...  When swaggering and conceited teddy boy Mike (played by fleshy-faced BUCK STARR) isn’t combing his wavy hair in a stance reminiscent of The Fonz, he’s latching onto each and every female who crosses his slimy path. The guy is bad news and has everybody fooled, except Mr. Dite (rotund BOB ORAN), an advertising executive and recent recipient of Mike’s services as a whip-wielding sadist. Taking advantage of the weak-willed masochist, Mike blackmails Dite into giving him a cushy job, then takes advantage of his new position by stealing Dite’s clients, seducing Dite’s elegant daughter, Sara (JOANNE CUNNINGHAM), and climbing his way up the social ladder. But Dite’s daughter isn’t enough to fill Mike’s sexual appetite and he makes conquests of a parade of women who find him irresistible. There’s Lynn (SHARON KENT), the lovely college coed; Lita, the hooker with a heart of gold; Ellen, the dockside floozie whose husband neglects her; and Midge, the naive secretary who falls for Mike’s lies and unknowingly gives him the information he needs to screw over Dite. He uses all of these women and discards them like old snot rags. And when Lynn tells him she’s pregnant, he proceeds to beat her up. He also slaps Lita around when she doesn’t make her quota, and promptly dumps Midge after she hands over the files he needs. Meanwhile, Dite desperately tries to bribe Mike into leaving his daughter alone and even tells Sara what a sick perv Mike really is, but Sara ignores him and she and Mike plan to elope. Which is when Sam (New York nudie vet SAM STEWART), a detective with a bad foreign accent, enters the scene. Angry that Mike had once-upon-a-time pulverized him and attacked his wife (DARLENE BENNETT in a rare good-girl role), Sam takes his revenge... Director Doris actually used a few different locations to shoot Too Much Too Often (as opposed to her usual apartment), but her quirky trademarks still remain: the convoluted and typically bizarre plot, the strange post-dubbed dialogue put in mouths mostly off-screen, the oddball cutaways to inanimate objects, sexploitation starlets admiring themselves in the mirror; bras, panties, fishnets and spike heels galore; and very expressive feet which share equal screen time with the actors.

Doris Wishman (June 1, 1912, New York City – August 10, 2002, Miami, Florida) was an American film director, screenwriter and independent film producer.Self-taught as a filmmaker, Wishman was noteworthy for her paracinematic, camp aesthetic and is often referred to as "the female Ed Wood." The majority of her work was designed to be released in the American sexploitation film market of the 1960s and '70s. Wishman is also one of the most prolific women film directors in the history of the cinema and in recent years has become the object of a cult following.


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