Saturday, December 3, 2011

Machine Gun Kelly (1958)

Machine-Gun Kelly (1958) is a film directed by Roger Corman, chronicling the criminal activities of the real-life George "Machine Gun" Kelly. The film was considered low budget, but received good critical reviews.[1] The film was the first lead role for actor Charles Bronson. Following the 1967 success of Bonnie and Clyde, American International Pictures rereleased the film as a double feature with The Bonnie Parker Story.The film starts by showing a bank robbery orchestrated by Kelly and other partners, including his love interest. It then examines Kelly's personality and events that lead to discord among his group. A botched bank robbery causes one of his partners, Michael Fandango, portrayed by typical jokester Morey Amsterdam, to lose an arm. Kelly, perhaps goaded on by his girlfriend, kidnaps the daughter of a wealthy businessman for ransom, which leads to the climax of the film. The film was the first lead role for actor Charles Bronson who would later be acclaimed for roles in Once Upon a Time in the West,The Magnificent Seven, and the Death Wish series. Susan Cabotwas the female lead, as part of her agreement with director Roger Corman, for whom her roles would be the end of her film career

Machine-Gun Kelly, the famous bank robber, seldom without his Thompson machine gun. The story opens with great jazzy music and a murder shown in shadows. His moll is the driving force behind his exploits. He has an exaggerated fear of death and death symbols. The sight of a coffin makes him freeze during a bank job, causing his lieutenant to lose his arm. Finally, the gang kidnaps a little girl along with her nurse and hold them for ransom.

75 MIN

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