Saturday, June 25, 2011

Teenage Tramp : Trailer (1973)

Teenage Tramp is a 1973 exploitation film from 1973 written and directed by Anton Holden and released by Excellum Pictures. This was a popular Grindhouse attraction early that summer.

Kim (ALISHA FONTAINE), a beautiful, blonde teenager, picks up a truck driver (JOHN GARNER) at a crossroads diner, who buys her dinner, gives her a ride and propositions her. Kim agrees. She'll do anything to get where she's going. After two years of drug pushing, using her body and hitchhiking around the country, Kim is returning to the suburban mansion of her unmarried older sister, Hilary (ROBIN LANE), a successful avant-garde art dealer. Hilary has a lover, a young struggling artist named Adam (TONY MASSINA), and when he meets Kim they experience an immediate attraction for each other. Later, Kim takes a nude swim in the pool knowing that Adam is watching. Hilary is outraged. She confronts Adam and in the ensuing argument, Adam decides to leave. When he goes to his room to pack, Kim follows, disrobes and seduces him. In the meantime at a roadhouse a few miles away, a group of spaced-out hippies are waiting for their leader, Maury (DAVID SAWN). Unbeknownst to Kim, Maury has followed her  whereabouts. Kim was his former "old lady" and best pusher. Maury plans to punish Kim not only for stealing his drugs to finance her trip to Hilary's but also for running out on him with another guy, Skip (DON JARREL).

The next day Maury and his gang arrive and proceed to take over the house, throwing a wild, nude bash around the pool. Hilary is aghast and orders Maury and his followers to leave. Maury has no intention of doing so and Hilary calls Adam for help. Adam refuses. Terrified by the turn of events, Kim flees to her sister's bedroom looking for a gun. Maury surprises her and tells her he stole the gun the night before. He then slaps her around, strips her and brutally makes love to her. Hysterical, Kim threatens to expose him. Maury lashes back and reveals that he intends to kill Hilary thereby leaving Kim sole heir of the estate and under his control. Intrigued by Hilary's call, Adam suddenly appears at the house. He sees nothing wrong with hippies nakedly having a good time and starts to leave. Kim begs Adam to take her with him. He does. On the way, Kim sobs out Maury's plan to kill Hilary. Adam turns the car around and heads back. Maury succeeds in getting Hilary drunk and starts forcing her to take Seconol and red wine, knowing an overdose will kill her. Adam and Kim return in time to find Hilary on her bed lethally drugged. Adam drags her into the shower to revive her.

With time running out, Maury grabs Kim, heads for a car and forces her to drive him in an attempted getaway. As they ride, Maury gleefully tells Kim his plans for their future together. It is then Kim realizes that she is nothing but a tramp and that life with Maury is and would be a dead end. Determinedly she accelerates the car and it speeds out of control. Maury fights for the wheel. It is too late. The car spins of the highway, crashes and burns, killing them both.


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