Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Defilers : Trailer (1965)

The Defilers is a 1965 exploitation film written and directed by David F. Friedman

A group of six sexually-explicit and free-wheeling youngsters make a road trip to the beach to frolic in the tide, roll around in the sand and touch each other in various inappropriate ways. A conversation between best friends Carl and Jim leads to the conclusion that girls exist only to give men pleasure and nothing is more important in life than the pursuit of kicks. To demonstrate his devotion to this concept, Carl leaves his girlfriend used and abused in a warehouse basement the next day. With her conquered and out of the way, he moves on to fresher pastures—a young naive actress named Jane—and drags Jamie along for the ride. Together they concoct a plan to kidnap the girl—you know, for kicks—and after watching her parade around naked for an extended period of time, they lure her out of her apartment and trap her in Carl's basement “love dungeon,” where she becomes a sex toy and punching bag for the two brutes. It's not long before Jim's conscience catches up to him and he convinces Carl to let her go—but not before he's had a little fun with her himself. True to character, Carl goes back on his word and opts instead to beat her senseless with a belt. Suddenly a hero, Jim steps up to the plate. The Defilers is a forgotten piece of trash cinema. It easily could have gone the way of the rape-revenge flick (I Spit On Your Grave, Last House On The Left) had they not completely forgone the whole revenge concept. Instead they focused on the supposed redemption of a villain-type character at the last moment, leaving us with an open ending. Not that it matters much either way. Nobody is watching this film for substance. It's filthy fluff, exploitation, a guilty pleasure at best. They're watching this film for the sex and nudity, which is here in spades, albeit in a rather soft-core (by today's standards) light. We've got: skinny dipping, bare ass spankings, rough trade, multiple partners, implied orgies, voyeurism, bubble baths, domination and sexual slavery. Definitely not fun for the entire family. The general tone of this film's subject matter is meant to shock and appall you. The laughable acting and ridiculous lead characters cause you instead to chuckle in spite of yourself, and actually make this a rather sinfully entertaining feature.
Bad...but in a good way. From Midnite Media


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