Thursday, February 3, 2011

Planet on the Prowl (1965)

Planet on the Prowl is the US title for the 1965 Italian  Sci-Fi film Il Pianeta Errante In the third film of the "Quadrilogy Gamma One" it happens an important changes between the leading roles: Tony Russell leave his place to Jack Stuart (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) e Lisa Gastoni to Ombretta Colli. The movie tells the story of a gigantic asteroid in route of collisions with the Earth, plot already used by Antonio Margheriti in "Battle of the Worlds". In fact the film is very similar, unique substantial difference is that this time, the heroes who will save the world, will travel the space starting form the Space Station "Gamma One".

Compared to "Battle of the Worlds", in this film Antonio put more care in creating an atmosphere rich of tensions and fears of the characters, for the danger of destructions of the Earth.

A mysterious planet, out of it's orbit, generate earthquakes and other cataclysms, traveling the space at great velocity in the direction of the Earth. The danger of a possible collisions and a full destruction of our planet it's more than a fear. To avoid this Armageddon, a small team of heroes: Roy Jackson, Doubrowsky Terry a beautiful girl, and few others, a board of a spaceship, are able to reach the hostile planet and landing on it with small space modules. Inside of the heart of the planet they discover a huge computer which controls the entire planet. They try to destroy it cutting some sort of veins that connect the machine to the planet itself. But immediately the veins repairs themselves. The astronauts decide to use an experimental Antimaterial bomb and make it explode in the heart of the planet. Doubrowsky will give up his life to accomplish the mission, while the others are able to return to the spaceship and reach a safe distance. "One life to save the entire humanity it's a small price to pay". Edoardo Margheriti

79 MIN

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