Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reform School Girl (1957)

Donna Price (Gloria Castillo) is going out with a boy called Gary Metusek (Wayne Taylor). Before that, she has a discussion with her aunt's boyfriend, who tries to rape her. Gary hits him, but he's stornger, so Gary and Donna run away. In the car, Vince (Edd Byrnes) is going out with Josie (Luana Anders), and he says a friend has lent him the car. They want to go to a private party, but there's a discussion, and he makes Gary and Josie walk. When Donna realises it's a stolen car, it's too late. Vince runs over a pedestrian. Donna is too terrified to run away and stays put. The police catches her and at court, her aunt says she's wild since she became an orphan, and that she always tries to seduce her boyfriend. The judge (Thomas E. Jackson) asks her to give the name of the driver, but she won't, especially because her aunt's friend threatens her. She is sent to a reform school. Things are not so hard as she expected. A new teacher, who is also a psychologist, David Lindsay (Ross Ford), realises that she's terrified but not a bad girl. He's preparing his thesis, but he doesn't seem to understand much girls... or people for that matter. Roxy (Yvette Vickers), another girl, thinks she's pregnant, but she is not, and he laughs about her. The truck of a Jackie Dodd (Ralph Reed) has stopped outside the school. He likes Donna and Donna likes him. Jack and a friend jump the railing and see the girls at night. Mrs Trimble accepts when the psychologist insists. There is a dance and some boys attend, including Jack, now in love with Donna. Vince convinces her new girlfriend to call the police saying she's Donna Price, accusing Josie of being the driver. When Josie arrives to the same reform school, all the girls turn against her. There is a fight, and Donna steals a pair of scissors to defend herself. She's put into confinment. Donna is going to be sent away, because her presence is making the rest of the girls angry. Josie convinces all the prisoners except one, who tries to help Donna by telling David. Vince wants to terrify Donna some more, so that she won't ever speak. He find Jack and kidnaps him. Jack is forced to show Vince the way into the school and Donna's room. There's a fight and the police traps Vince. There's a final caption saying that Donna was given a new opportunity in life and that this time she'll use it well, and the suggestion is that she'll eventually marry Jackie Dodd.

70 MIN

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