Friday, December 31, 2010

The Night of the Blood Beast

Night of the Blood Beast is an American horror film, directed by Bernard L. Kowalski, released in 1958 by American International Pictures. The plot revolves around an alien that has intercepted an orbital space flight and has implanted embryos in a dead astronaut's body. The astronaut is taken to an isolated scientific base for examination when he comes alive again and the implanted alien embryos are seen by scientists on a x-ray machine. The lurking alien's attempts at guarding its embryos involve brutal killings and thus forms the arc whereby the alien is discovered and hunted. In the final scene the alien creature is cornered in a cave and the now captive astronaut commits suicide. The alien is then destroyed by the use of improvised gas bombs and flares, Very pistols and dies in flames but not before it delivers a dying message that his species is patiently waiting in space and will someday return to conquer humanity.

The costume worn by the alien was also used in the movie Teenage Cave Man.

62 MIN

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